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The Sugandh Family
Sugandh Family

Tina Sugandh, Kanaiya Sugandh Geeta Sugandh Seema Sugandh
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With music in every vein, The Sugandh Family is an internationally acclaimed family of four in California via New Jersey, USA. Since 1984 the Sugandhs have consistently enchanted audiences big and small, far and near, with fantastic melody and endearing fluency in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujrati and Sindhi. They truly are the "creators of grand evenings".

Geeta Sugandh The Family Sugandh Tina Seema Geeta, a marketing professional, had her first public debut as a singer on All India Radio, Bombay. Her mastery of ghazal renditions is accentuated by her uniquely scintillating tone, purposeful voice, and perfect diction.
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Kanhaiya is a Senior Professor. His deep voice, witty banter, and a happy heart add entertainment to the art of his wife and two beautiful, highly talented daughters, Seema and Tina.
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Kan Sugandh

Seema is an Exercise Physiologist and Philanthropist. Her vocal chords produce a sweet and magnificently wholesome voice. Her performance is frequently rewarded with thunderous applause.
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Seema Simone Sugandh

Tina, who graduated from Rutgers University with high honors with a BS in Biology after only three years, works magic with her tabla. Her singing voice is wholesomely powerful. The two sisters have pleasantly surprised many audiences.

Tina Sugandh Tina Sugandh Tina Sugandh
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The lovely lyrics of the ghazals and geet presented in their first album entitled "Sugandh"
are penned by the renowned lyricists of India.

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